Duckbill Privacy Statement

What we do at Duckbill

Duckbill empowers working parents to outsource daily tasks so that you can spend more time doing what you love.  Duckbill offers everyday solutions to your biggest pain points by distilling life’s most common events and tasks into curated and repeatable workflows that can be done through technology and automation.This Statement summarizes how we use and protect your personal data.  You can find further detail in our full-length Privacy Policy.

Your trust is our highest priority.

At Duckbill, we want to help reduce your mental load.  Part of that load may concern what happens to the personal data that you provide to us.When you use Duckbill you’re entrusting us with your and your loved ones’ information. We take that responsibility very seriously and work hard every day to ensure it is protected.We collect and use your personal data in order to help us provide these services and we know (because we are human too) that you are concerned about how your personal data is collected and used. 

The information we collect

We collect information that you provide in order to avail yourself of our services.  What you tell us depends to some extent on what you want us to help you do.  If we ask for information that you do not want to provide, you do not need to give it.  It may affect our ability to provide you with services but it’s entirely in your control. 

How we use the information

We use the information to allow our co-pilots to perform the services you have requested.  We also use the information to ensure that you are getting information relevant to your needs and interests. 

How we share the information

When we share information, it is usually because you ask us to. We disclose your personal information to our co-pilots in order for them to provide you with the Services you have requested.  We require that our co-pilots comply with our privacy policy and make them aware of their obligations but we are not responsible for the acts of any individual co-pilot. We also share information within our family of companies, with business partners that help us provide our services, and when we believe it is required by law.For most everything else, you’re in control!

How we protect the information

We rely on industry standard data technology and protection mechanisms to ensure the safety and security of your data and require that those who may also handle it do the same.

Your choices regarding the information

You have the right and the ability to determine how we use and share your information in most cases.  We respect your right to change your mind about how your information may be shared and where possible, comply with your wishes, unless otherwise required by law or other business practices. 

We want to hear from you

If you have any questions or concerns after reading our Privacy Policy, please contact us at the following:

Telephone: +1 617-299-9052