Duckbill has an optional Google Calendar integration! This provides two major benefits:

1. It will allow copilots to see your availability and schedule events on your behalf 

What this means: You no longer have to let Duckbill copilots know all your windows of availability, or take your own time to review your calendar, or accept multiple calendar invites from support@. Instead, copilots can schedule for you, and also see your availability to forego the hassle of having to ask! Important note: copilots will never be able to change or edit events not created by Duckbill!

2. It will allow Duckbill to suggest future tasks based on previous events (think annual appointments, birthdays, etc)

What this means: You will start to observe suggested and anticipatory tasks based on previous events! More to-dos that can come off your plate and onto ours! Less burden on you, and more proactive support from Duckbill!

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