As a growing company, we continuously aim to refine our offerings and improve our experience. Here’s a breakdown of our current membership tiers plus some pro-tips to optimize your Duckbill membership.

What’s the difference between the tiers?
We offer different levels of membership to cater to various lifestyles, families, and needs:

Individual tier: Covers one account. Ideal for straight-forward, non-urgent tasks.
Household Tier: Includes all individual tier benefits, plus two additional seats to share with a partner, caretaker, or loved one.
VIP Tier: All tasks receive priority response time and oversight from expert copilots, plus enhanced services like comprehensive travel planning. You also get the ability to schedule unlimited 1:1 calls with a copilot to discuss any extra complex tasks you may have. This tier accommodates up to 4 seats.

What is your turnaround time? Can I submit last-minute requests?
We always strive to get back to you by the next business day, and will let you know if that won’t be the case and the reason why. Depending on the task, that could mean the task is also completed in that timeframe, if it’s something simple like booking an appointment or researching gift ideas. Complex tasks that may require in-depth research or back and forth with a vendor will naturally take longer. Regardless of your task level, you’ll always receive a status update within the next business day to let you know how we are progressing.

For time sensitive tasks that need to be completed within a business day, we will always do our very best, but can’t make any guarantees so as to not decrease the integrity of our service and reliability.  

How can I maximize my Duckbill experience?

• Take advantage of recurring tasks! If you ask us once to book a haircut, plan a birthday party, or get your oil changed, we will automatically set that task up to reoccur for you at an appropriate cadence, including a built-in reminder ahead of each recurrence so you have the opportunity to opt in or out.

• Use our app! Keep us right in your pocket. Everything you love about Duckbill in an iOS app. Android users, your app will arrive soon, too.

• Don’t wait for details. When an idea comes to mind and you want to shoot it over to us quickly before you forget about it, but you don’t have all the details ready at hand, submit it anyway! No need to wait until a task is fully formed before you ask for help. Get it off your plate, then just be aware that we might have more questions than we usually do for you in order to get started on the task,and you can take your time to answer those questions whenever you’re ready.

• Share your honest feedback. The more input we receive from you, along with the more tasks we complete for you, the better we will get to know you, and the better your first round of options will be going forward.  Our whole team is constantly making adjustments to provide a better experience for our members, and our growth is fueled by your feedback. Whether it’s about a specific task, the service in general, or potential features to make Duckbill even better, we’re all ears.

Remember, our ultimate goal is to alleviate your load. So, when in doubt, try us out!

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