Every Duckbill member has unique needs, like you! We’re built for this. 

Often, we're asked about the boundaries of what our copilot team can and cannot do. Let’s dive in:

Is there anything the copilots can’t do?

In-person tasks

Our dedicated, remote copilots handle a multitude of tasks. But there are some requests, such as tasks that require being in-person and onsite, that we’re not equipped to execute. Instead, we will find someone who can. While we can't wrap your holiday gifts, we will find someone who will, still to your (and our) standards.

Complex tasks that would typically require a professional to complete 

While our copilots excel at personal tasks, some highly specialized tasks may be better suited for a pro. For example, we can’t prepare wills for you, we can’t do your taxes, create a complex travel itinerary, or plan out a full-on wedding. But, we can find, vet and connect you with the right professionals to get  it done. (We know the best lawyers, accounts, travel agents, and wedding planners.)

Your job, or your homework!

‍Sadly, we’re not set up to support your business or do your job for you, and please don’t ask us to do your homework! If you need referrals to full service agencies or tutors, we’ve got you covered.

‍Illegal or unethical asks

If it’s against the law or moral code, we can’t help you. We can’t handle sensitive, HIPAA-protected medical data, or procure illegal substances. We also cannot impersonate you to do these tasks (or anything else, at that). 

Large transactions

We’ll execute transactions on your behalf up to a limit of $2,500. For anything over that amount, we’ll still do the legwork up to the final checkout step, but you will have to complete the transaction. We’ll do the research, find options, and give you all the information you need to take it to the finish line. Additionally, we reserve the right to decline, at our discretion, to execute international (i.e. non-$US or US based) transactions, but we’ll always work with you to find the easiest way to do it yourself.

‍Work in a mutually disrespectful space

Our community of members and copilots both are without doubt Duckbill’s greatest strength, and we will work hard to make sure that this remains a positive, helpful, valuable and mutually respectful environment. We reserve the right to remove individuals from the community if they don’t meet these standards. Should we not be able to fulfill a request or continue a membership for whatever reason, we will let you know through messaging in the app or directly to your email address on file.

Sensitive Tasks:

Medical appointments or interactions with your credit card provider can sometimes be tricky due to security protocols like Two-Factor Authentication. But don’t fret; we have systems locked down! We’re always ready to loop you in at critical junctures to ensure everything flows smoothly while still taking the task off of your plate.

If you’re not sure whether we can do something, submit it anyway! If we can’t, we’ll let you know, and more often than not, find alternative solutions for you! When in doubt, just try us!

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