One of the most relatable problems, complaints, and challenges today for working adults is the endless long tail of life admin: doctors appointments, personal care, home & car maintenance, urgent troubleshooting, event planning, planning, reservations, buying/returning, bills, etc.

With the ease of online everything has also come absolute and utter overload.

Why? Modern life has not caught up with changes in the workforce. For centuries, life admin was borne by stay-at-home women. Women are now ~50% of workforce. Current solutions like personal assistants, or executive assistants are sparse, not normal for personal use, and expensive. This is all leading to record high levels of burnout. In 2022 it was reported that 59% of Americans are experiencing burn out, on par w/ peak COVID levels1. 46% of US workforce performance is negatively impacted by mental health. 1 in 3 women and 1 in 5 men consider leaving their jobs or downshifting as a result).

How Duckbill is solving the problem

Duckbill is a life manager for busy adults, leveraging technology and humans to anticipate and tackle the long tail of admin. Duckbill’s team of copilots anticipate, research, execute, calendar, and remind—turning “to-dos” into “done.” 

“The idea of a personal assistant for everyone is not new, but it has been difficult to execute at scale with the quality consumers expect and deserve. With new advances in technology, we are combining the foundation of generative AI and the superpower of human experts to drive true leverage and high quality outcomes. At Duckbill, we believe that a better life is available today and aim to make it available to all, not only for those with limitless resources,”

says Meghan Joyce, Founder and CEO of Duckbill

Duckbill was created to help the overburdened working adult, is that you?

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